Books on Playing Casino Games

Playing casino games either online or going to a physical casino is an exciting hobby which can break the monotony of work. People who have never been to a casino always imagine it is too complex to play the games. If you are thinking of trying out casino games, or understanding how casinos work, you can get books about playing casino games.

Why You Should Read Books on Playing Casino Games

  • It gives insights on how to play and beat opponents. It also offers tips and tricks on playing even some of the games which are considered tough in the betting world.
  • It is a fun way to pass the time. Any form of reading, even if it is about casinos, enriches the mind.
  • Gives a better understanding of the issues around gambling. A visit to a gambling site such as can be overwhelming to newbies, especially when it comes to the terminologies used. A book can help in demystifying all that.

Popular Books on Gambling

Some of the popular books which are available on gambling and casino games include:

  • Beat the Dealer by Edward Thorp: This book is useful for both beginners and experts. It gives the strategies which can be used for blackjack and cards. It also has the basic rules on playing casino games.
  • Gambling 102 by Michael Shackleford: The author of this book gives in-depth information on what it takes to win a casino game. It bases the findings on mathematics. It may not be ideal for beginners since the terminologies used in the book are a bit in-depth.
  • Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong: For people who are looking for a book which gives general information about betting, this is the best one to go for. It has information about casino games and other aspects of gambling.