Tips on Getting Children to Be Interested in Reading

Before mobile devices such as smartphones and tabs became popular, one of the many ways that children entertained themselves is through reading. They would devour books and beg for more. Sadly, the smartphone has taken over and is slowly killing the reading culture. Most parents find themselves battling with ways in which they can introduce reading to their young ones.

How to Make Young Children Interested in Books/Reading

  • Start them young: As soon as you think that a child can comprehend what is happening in their surrounding, introduce them to a world of books. Read for them even when they are toddlers and make them appreciate the value of books by gifting it to them on special occasions such as their birthdays.
  • Set aside reading time: Create a time of the day, maybe just before bedtime, when you read for them if they are too young to read themselves. If they are old enough, create an interactive session to discuss books that you have read before and interest them in new ones. You can have a rule that they are not allowed to have their gadgets during reading time.
  • Be a perfect example: You cannot be focusing on teaching your children how to appreciate reading when they never see you doing it. Make sure that you also stock up books for yourself and whenever you have time, go to the library together.
  • Do not give up: There will be moments when it will feel like the children may not be interested in reading. Do not give up. Keep encouraging them. You could also set up a system of rewards where they get some form of reward if they read and finish a book. In no time, they will get hooked and will not need to be begged to read. Do not pressure them till it starts feeling like reading is a punishment.