Do you occasionally find yourself going through the internet and trying to discover the best book you can read? Or maybe you are one of the people who make numerous trips to the library, and you cannot seem to get enough. If the descriptions above fit you, then you are probably an avid reader, who has also been toying with the idea of writing their own books. If that is the case, then this website is the right place for you.

Who We Are

We are a team of people who are obsessed with the written word in whatever form it takes. We look at books and reading, and we also write. This blog is all about reading and writing. We have read a wide range of topics, and we are always willing to share with you our recommendations on the vast volume of books we have consumed. We also have a team of authors who are eager and ready to share their writing process, so that you can draw some inspiration from them if you are considering writing your own book.

What Makes Us Different

We undoubtedly believe that everyone has a tale which they can tell, and we endeavor to get that story from you, by often reminding you that your voice matters. We are patient enough to listen to your questions, concerns and worries, and address them in the best possible way. We believe that reading and writing not only broadens peoples’ perspectives but also brings individuals from different cultures together. Welcome to our world!