Do you remember the last time you read a book? What was it all about, and did it excite you? If you cannot remember, or if the memory comes from a long-gone date, then it is time for you to embark on reading more books. There are so many benefits which books provide and reading is a harmless hobby.


Improves communication: Well written books have a way of using flowing language in a manner that you will find yourself imitating. Over time, you will find yourself becoming a better communicator the more you read.
Makes people tolerant of one another: Reading transports people to different worlds where they read about various cultures and people. It is like visiting different places, learning about people’s culture and appreciating the differences that humans have. All this is done without having to leave the comfort of your home.
Keeps brains engaged and healthy: Reading can be equated to solving a puzzle or participating in an activity which keeps the brain active. It can be said that reading makes people more intelligent.
Stimulates creativity: The more you read, the more your mind wanders into numerous possibilities and opportunities the world has to offer. Most people admit that the moment they read a book they love, they develop many more questions on the plot of the story, and such matters, if well developed, can form a topic for another book.
Reduces stress: In this day and age, the number of people suffering from depression and other stress-related ailments has been increasing. Sometimes what helps, is grabbing a book which makes you feel good, and getting lost in the world of words.
Stirs personal growth: Some books are compelling and thought-provoking. They leave the reader with an urge to change something about their lives.

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