If you are wondering what kind of books to read, you should consider reading the ones which are on this list. We have compiled some of the most popular selection of books from authors around the world. They cover a range of subjects and have gotten accolades from different readers.


  • Romeo and Juliet: This classic by Shakespeare is a romantic tragedy which has been the basis of almost all high school readings and plays. If you have never read it, then you should give it a try.
  • War and Peace: This novel was written by Leo Tolstoy and is considered a literary masterpiece. The story is based in Russia during the times of war, and it develops by telling the life of a young man trying to find himself amidst the war.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Most people have watched the movie, but they have not read the book. The author is J R R Tolkein, and the book is about how the fate of civilization rests on a ring which was lost many years ago. It is about getting that ring back, and the journey towards redeeming it.
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: This story is by Maya Angelou. It talks about the oppression she went through when she was growing up in racist America and the fight for freedom.
  • The Golden Compass: This is a book by Phillip Pullman. It is a fantasy tale where the souls of humans are transformed into animals. It revolves around the character of a girl who gets kidnapped by dark forces and the relentless attempt to save her.
  • Catch 22: Written by Joseph Heller, Catch 22 is a novel written as a satire about what happens during the war. It explores the absurdity of going to battle.
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