There are billions of books online and in libraries all over the world. If you have an interest in reading, it can be very confusing and even overwhelming to choose a book which will be interesting to read. The vast numbers should, however, not intimidate you.


  • Do not judge a book by the cover; this old saying still rings true. Do not hold a book, look at its cover and assume that it is boring. Give every book you get hold of a chance, and you will be surprised at what you find.
  • Check reviews; if you do not want to go through an entire book just to find out if it is something you will like, go online and check reviews which have been done by people who read it. From the reviews, you will know if it is a genre that interests you.
  • Read the summary; on the back of every book, there is always a summary (synopsis) of what the book is about. Even though it might not have all the details you need, it will give you a general guide on whether the book will be of interest.
  • Ask for recommendations: if you have friends and family members who love to read, ask them to suggest for you, books with themes which you like. Since they know you better, they are likely to give suggestions that you will love.
  • Look for top authors; books which are best sellers, or listed by reputable organisations such as the New York Times, always make good reads. This actually does not mean that you should not give upcoming authors a chance. What it means is, that when you are overwhelmed, narrow down to best sellers.
  • Be willing to explore; the tip of finding a good book sometimes lies in getting out of your comfort zone. Try out a book in a genre you have never read.