Do you actually have a story inside you that you have wanted so much to write about? Do you believe that there is something about your life which needs to be written? Are you passionate about a particular subject and wish you could write about it? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. You need to start writing now.


  • Read more: You cannot be a good writer if you do not read. You need to seek other writers, mainly from the genre you plan to write about and read their work. It is through reading that you get better at language, creativity, critical thinking and the other skills you will need to become better.
  • Just start: As much as this sounds basic, it is one of the greatest things a writer can do. A good story is just nothing unless it has been written. If you feel you have something to say, start writing. Do not wait for motivation to strike. Start now!
  • Attend classes: Check out if there is an author near you who is giving courses on writing. Alternatively, register for an online class from the many writing gurus who hold them regularly. Just make sure that you have done thorough research on the person offering the courses so that you do not end up being scammed.
  • Start small: The mistake which most people make, is to imagine that they can write a page-turner of a novel in a few days. If you are just starting out, it will help if you start small by maybe writing one chapter, and then taking a short break, so that you do not get overwhelmed. You can also keep a journal where you write the basics of what is happening every day.