Are you a book lover, but always find yourself with a pile of books which remain unread on your shelf? You are not alone. Many people put reading in their new year’s resolutions, but they have never got around to finishing a single book. Daily activities, plus the distractions that technology brings, makes it difficult for one to concentrate on a book.


  • Join a book club; you can attend a physical one or join a virtual book club. These clubs act as accountability partners and also make reading more fun. They pick a book, discuss it and recommend another read. You should also ask if members of the book club are up for exchanging books they have read before.
  • Buy from authors you enjoy; life is too short to read a boring book. If you want to read more, find books which interest you. If you have a book that you are struggling to finish, put it down and get one that is more interesting for you.
  • Embrace technology; there are many ways of consuming a book. The digital age presents options such as audiobooks, books which can be read online, and the printed copy. If you are not able to sit down and read, try the audiobooks as you are doing something else, such as exercising.
  • Dedicate a few hours or minutes every day to read; you will be surprised at how many pages you will be able to go through within a few minutes. If you dedicate time to it, you will be done with a book within a short time.
  • Have a purpose; define the purpose why you are reading. Are you reading for pleasure or for knowledge? Whatever it is, you should have a deadline for how long it should take you to read a book.