Welcome to a site which targets people who are passionate about reading, writing and books, resume services. A while back, before smartphones and social media took over, people would spend their time reading and writing. It was a time that will be missed, and this website tries all it can to ensure that the reading culture is not dead. Here, you will undoubtedly find all the information you need to know about books, where to find them, and how to write your own.

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We strive to hold onto the culture of reading and pass it to others. That is why we have dedicated several articles on the subject of reading, including how to introduce and interest children in reading. There is a generation who is growing up believing that all they can do is play video games or watch movies. We teach you how to nudge that generation towards the direction of reading. Admittedly, there will be moments when even adults feel overwhelmed by daily activities and the lack of time to read. We will actually guide you on how to get out of that rut and reintroduce reading to your schedule. We also have a list of books that you should consider reading if you find yourself wondering what to read.


If you are an avid reader, then you probably appreciate the work which goes into writing a book. Have you ever wondered if you could become an author? Well, you should try it out. Stay optimistic, no matter the odds. Our website gives tips and the right guide to how you can start writing your own book. It also gives you the inspiration to lean on when you feel as though you are getting discouraged and distracted.

Consider this site your go-to place when you need recommendations on the books to read, and how to start writing. We have sampled books from different genres and are enthusiastic about sharing with you.