The Purpose of The Write To Read Project

The purpose of the Write to Read Project is to build ongoing and lasting relationships between people living in urban environments such as towns and cities, and the First Nations people of British Columbia who live in rural, remote or suburban communities that may not be well served by educational and employment opportunities.

The first step of the Write to Read Project is to assist with efforts to improve literacy in aboriginal communities in British Columbia. Appropriate groups with an interest in investing their ideas, time, skills and money to improve life in these First Nations communities are encouraged to proceed to a second step in the project by contacting their participating local Rotary Club. Bringing new investment to these remote communities in the form of employment, project management, writing business plans, publicity, transportation, educational savings plans and mentoring are all future possibilities.

Rotary Clubs in District 5040 are encouraged to contact the Write to Read Project Coordinator, former Rotary Regional Governor Bob Blacker. Visit the Contact section of this website for all contact information.

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