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Take a moment to meet some of the supporters of the Write to Read Project who have donated their time, skills and money to make this project a reality.

Say hello to Brian van Sickle

Information technology is very important to the cause of improving literacy. W2R volunteer (yet another Rotarian) is an expert in the IT world and has played a key part in obtaining hardware and software for the Write to Read Project. Brian owns his own IT business and has donated time, skills and computers to many of the libraries we have built. At first the W2R libraries featured desktop computers. Over time it was learned that more students could use the libraries if we switched over to tablets. The next step in the IT project will be to install fibre optic technology in those communities where it is practical to do so. This will allow for video conferencing and long distance learning. No doubt Brian will have a hand in that phase as well.

Introducing the Library Response Team

The LRT team (Library Response Team) are a hidden but vital part of the Write to Read Project. “Hidden” because you couldn’t find them with a map. The team gathers and works at U Lock Storage in South Surrey, sorting and cataloguing and boxing books for delivery to W2R libraries. They started with one storage locker and have now expanded to five units, thanks to the generosity of the U Lock owners. It’s impossible to estimate how many books are stored at U Lock and need to be catalogued, but it may be 60-70,000. So, please don’t offer to donate any more! In this video, team leader Margaret Fletcher offers some details into how the team works, and how the books get delivered to the very remote communities in BC where the W2R libraries are located.

New librarian joins the LRT team

A new member of the LRT team is Karen Peplow. A retired teacher and librarian, she wants to volunteer her time and skill to a project that allows her to practice her skills and experience in a meaningful manner.


Royalty visits Ditidaht

Lt Governor Judith Guichon

Former Lt Governor Steven Point

Camera Buildings donates trailer to W2R

Lions Gate Rotary Club support literacy

Success by Six

Dental clinic at Malahat

Ditidaht canoe club member

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