Western Camera Buildings donates a library


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by Michael McCarthy • July 9, 2014 • Comments Off on Western Camera Buildings donates a library

Thanks to the publicity created by a documentary about Write to Read broadcast on CBC TV recently, a Vancouver-area builder has offered to donate a library to our project. John McFarlane watched the TV program and thought perhaps his company could help. Western Camera Buildings constructs tiny buildings designed to be used as offices, storage facilities – or even as a library!

The building his company is donating is a compact, 107-square foot studio with built-in shelving that would arrive fully finished. Since it was their show model, it comes with cedar rainscreen cladding, R20 insulation, tilt-and-turn windows, and high-efficiency LED lighting. John says it was made to be easily transported without requiring highway permits, can be moved by ferry or barge, and would only require a block or pier foundation and an electrical connection on site.

There are several First Nations communities that have discussed their interest in joining the W2R project, and no doubt this wonderful donation will be suitable for one of them. The value of the donation is over $25,000 and is greatly appreciated. Those with an interest in small buildings should take a look at the Camera Buildings Facebook site and give some thought as to how such a compact structure would fit into their own plans. Check them out at . If you are interested in making any sort of donation, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.



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